In order to have a successful event, make sure you do the following:

    General Tips for all Events
  1. Have upbeat party people in attendance.
  2. Get the right sized space. The room shouldn't be too big. Its better to have standing room only with a
    lot of energy than a cavernous empty room. House parties are typically more fun than catering halls.
  3. Dim the lights - this naturally relaxes people.
  4. Give a little gift, like a chocolate kiss or glow stick, to each guest as they enter the party.
  5. If the party isn't RSVP, invite twice as many people as you have room/food for because only about
    half will show up. Even less during some holidays.
  6. If you have a bar, place the music near the bar.

  1. If its a surprise party, let everyone know ahead of time. I once did what I thought was a regular, everybody knows about it,
    birthday party for a friend's wife from my day job. He had told me at work what day the party was and where it was being held but
    never told me when it started. So I called him at home the morning of the party to find out when it started and his wife picked up. I said
    "hi there, this is DJ Jake Vegas, what time is your party today - your husband left work and never told me". She said "he's throwing me
    a party? What a great guy. It must be around 2PM because he oddly insists we need to go 'shopping' at 1PM, and he never wants to
    go shopping - I won't tell him you spilled the beans, it'll be our little secret and I'll try to act surprised - see you there!" Yikes!!!!!!
  2. When it's time to sing Happy Birthday, we have a hip-hop version available. We also can go right into Ringo Starr's popular
    "You're 16" for a great sing-along moment (making age change as needed).

  1. We typically play the latest hits at youth events. However, the latest hits have gotten progressively naughtier and
    more explicit - especially the rap songs. To address this development, we only play the cleaned up (Radio Edit)
    versions at school events and try not to play songs that are too suggestive at elementary school dances.
  2. Games work great with Junior High students so we always incorporate them for this age group.
  3. Our high-end "Club" light show adds mood.
  4. The Bubble Machine is a magnet to the dance floor.
Event Tips