Fees as of 1/2007
    At SOS we keep it as simple as possible in the fee department with few confusing "packages".
Standard Party

You get the amazing DJ Jake spinning top DJ hits, hosting
karaoke, and leading on-the-spot games. Although it may be
called the "standard" party, at SOS, our performances are so
superb we are constantly asked to go overtime because people
are having such a blast! There's nothing standard about that!

(3 hour minimum on weekends - no special songs,  
announcements, or games arranged ahead of time)

Hundreds of hit songs to choose from. Karaoke is always an
option included at every event.
Set-up Time

One hour of equipment set-up time and one hour of pack-up time
(we usually hustle and get the music up and running in ½ hour,
lights require at least the full hour).

includes state-of-the-art sound system and wireless microphones
Simple Light Show

Flame lights and star ball

(if in working order - Jake likes to work with these lights!)
Special Song Acquisition

We carry over thousands of hit DJ songs and hundreds of hit
karaoke songs and add a few hits each month to keep current, but
if you need a few special songs that we don’t carry, the first 2 are
free (assuming they are available

1st 2 songs; $5/song after first 2

Please give us as much advance time as possible to obtain songs
Travel Distance Charge

We use DeLorme map maker, Yahoo Maps, or Mapquest  to
determine the distance. For extreme travel distances (more than 2
hours) we may include a $100 hotel fee and other fees as needed.
$0.50 per mile plus tolls round trip from

218 Walnut Street
Bristol, Pa. 19007

This includes the traditional time of meeting with the bride &
groom, preparing special songs, making announcements,
performing MC duties, orchestrating the reception, etc.
$800 4 hours

$100/hour overtime*
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

This includes the traditional time of meeting with the parents and
Mitzvah child, preparing special songs for candle-lighting, making
announcements, performing MC duties and being a game show
host, etc.
$800 4 hours

$100/hour overtime*

give-aways/prizes at 50% over cost
Bubble Machine

This large bubble machine puts out thousands of bubbles per
minute which will pack the dance floor with bubble loving partiers.
Normal use involves turning the machine on for a minute or so
about every 4 songs.
NOTE: Bubbles create a very slippery floor
and can lead to accidents so they are best used in a crowd where
the bubbles land on the people, not on the floor.
Fancy "Club" Light Show

Includes laser, disco moving lights, fog machine, bubbles, strobe
lights, star ball, imitation flames, mood light, and spot/pin lights
mounted on 2 -12’ high stands. These lights “listen” to the beat of
the music and dance accordingly - just like in a club!
$200 1st 4 hours

($50/hr after 4 hours)
Lots of stairs

......and/or extreme measures needed to set-up equipment in
remote locations. If at least one able bodied helper is provided to
move equipment both at the beginning and end of the event, fee
is usually waived. FYI - This fee was created after we unknowingly
played a party on the 4th floor of a historic restaurant that didn't
have an elevator, or helpers, ouch!

(this is often an “on-the-spot fee call”. However, most catering
halls have ramps/elevators so the fee is waived)
*Get 1 free hour if there is a formal sit-down cocktail/dinner hour at the beginning of a 4+ hour adult standard party where the DJ
only plays background music. We offer this to those adult events which often follow the formula of 1 hour of cocktails, 1 hour of
dinner, and 1 hour of a presentation followed by SOS cranking it up in the last hour or so. The free hour is not offered for any
child/teen events (school dances, sweet 16’s, Mitzvah’s, etc.) because they typically do not follow the above mentioned format
but they do require extra effort and expense in acquiring the most recent hits.

*Rate doubles to $200/hr (or portions thereof) for a “late night hour” fee if the calculated home arrival is after 2 PM in Bristol, Pa,
19007. For example, we need 1 hour to pack up our equipment and get it back into the vehicle. If your event ends at midnight,
we would not leave until 1 PM. If it takes 1 hour to return home, then there is no extra fee because we would arrive back in
Bristol at exactly 2 AM. However, if the party were to end at 1 AM, then the return arrival time in Bristol would be 3 AM and the last
hour of the party would be at the rate of $200/hour. Each additional “late night hour” would be at $200/hour or portions thereof.

SOS DJ & Karaoke carries $1,000,000 in liability insurance and all essential equipment is backed up on-site in the rare case of
equipment malfunction.