Party Games

    Party games can add greatly to the enjoyment of your event because, let's face it - who can dance for
    hours on end without getting tired or bored (OK, OK, I know all about the Dead-Heads, but that's the
    exception). Anyway, energize your party and involve non-dancing guests with some of these games to
    balance out the event and make sure, as my mother always says - that "a good time was had by all"!

    NOTE: many of these games require props like balloons, eggs or even tricycles and involve an additional charge if SOS procures
    these items for your event. However, games 7, 15, 16, 18, 23, 25, 26, 27 and 28 typically can be played with little or no props.

    1. Balloon Stomp
    This is a very high energy game. Everybody gets a balloon attached to a string that is tied to their ankle.
    The object is to pop other peoples balloon's while protecting yours. Players must stay within arranged
    areas. You can spice this up by adding a freeze portion. When the music stops, all must stop.
    Suggested Music: Get Ready For This, or any Hi NRG Song!

    2. Balloon Pass #1
    Teams are made, two lines facing each other for each team. 1st two people put balloons between them
    where ever the DJ calls, i.e.: hips, shoulders, stomach and they hold the balloon at between that point on
    their bodies and go to the end of the line where the balloon is passed back to the head of the line and the
    next couple go.

    3. Balloon Pass #2
    For this fast and fun game, you make long lines of people. For example, three lines of ten people each.
    The first person in line passes a balloon over their head to the person behind them, who in turn passes
    the balloon between their legs to the person behind them, who passes the balloon over their head and so
    on. When the balloon gets to the end of the line, that person runs to the front of the line and it starts all
    over. The line that gets the starting person all the way to the back wins!

    4. Balloon Pop
    Four people per team, two poppers and two blowers. The object is simple, two people blow up the
    balloons and two people pop them. But they must be popped by holding the balloon between the two
    people and not using the hands.

    5. Balloon Stuff
    For this game you need teams of three or four. 1 person is the "stuffy" and the others are the "stuffers".
    The "stuffy" puts on an oversized t-shirt, the s"stuffers" are given balloons. The object is for the "stuffers"
    to blow up balloons and stuff them under the t-shirt of the "stuffy". The team with the most balloons under
    the shirt in a given time wins!

    6. Hula Hoops
    There are many ways to use Hula Hoops, one of the best is to make big circles of people, have them hold
    hands, put the hoop between them, play a fast song, then, the hoop must be passed around the circle
    without breaking the hands. When the music stops, whoever has the hoop around them, is out. This
    continues until there is only one person left.

    7. Musical Men / Women
    Have as many men or women sit on chairs in a circle. Then, have 1 less person going around the circle
    as people that are sitting. When the music stops, all must find a lap to sit on, the odd person is out,
    Remove 1 Chair and continue. The last couple wins! Very popular with 7th and 8th graders!

    8. Unwrap the Gift
    A gift is wrapped over and over and over with paper and tape and more tape. Players roll fuzzy dice until
    they get doubles, when they do they go in the middle and put on big gloves, hat, shirt or whatever and try
    to unwrap the gift. While this is happening, other players are still rolling the dice so when the next person
    gets doubles, they go to the middle and have to put on all the stuff and try to open the gift. The person
    who gets the gift, wins!

    9. Long Balloon Pass
    Have everyone get into a circle. Use a long balloon and have guests pass it around the circle between
    their legs and not using their hands. When the music stops, who ever is touch th balloon is out,
    Suggested music: Can't Touch This.

    10. Pass and Guess
    This is a good game for the dinner hour. A jar is filled with Jelly Beans and is passed around the table.
    Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and their name. They then hand it to the DJ. The
    person who gets the closest wins the jar and beans!

    11. Human Ring Toss
    This high energy game can be done many times to get everyone involved. It takes 6 teams of two, one
    person wears a hat with a point on it and is the catcher, the other is the tosser. It is a simple game, the
    first team to catch 4 rings wins!

    12. Marshmallow Sculpting
    Each team is given a bag of marshmallows and tooth picks. The object is to make something as a team in
    a certain amount of time. You can spice this up by making it a theme, i.e. Football, Horses, work related,

    13. Marshmallow Run
    This is a team game. Each person has a straw, they need to suck up 1 marshmallow and carry it across
    the dance floor and put i into a glass and run back and slap the hand of the next person in line. 1st team
    to get one marshmallow for each player wins.
    Suggested Music: Rock 'n Roll Part 2

    14. Mummy or Present Wrap
    1 person is the wrappie and 2 or 3 are the wrappers. Two rolls of toilet paper are used. Wrappers run
    around and wrap the wrappie. At the Mitzvah, you can also include bows, ribbons, garland or whatever.
    Suggested Music: Monster Mash

    15. Limbo
    We all know how limbo is done. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser and you can have a girl and guy
    winner. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time.
    Suggested Music: Limbo Rock, Hot, Hot, Hot or other Island Music.

    16. Huggy Bear
    Everyone is on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the people
    must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group of that number is out. Everyone can play this,
    young and old!

    17. Tri-Cycle Races
    This is a very fast and upbeat activity. Two bikes are used with teams of how many ever you want. The
    object is to ride the bike down to an orange cone and back to the next team member. Before taking off on
    trike, contestants must put on "Special Clothes". Any number of people can do this game.

    18. Coke and Pepsi
    This is a popular game because everyone old and young can play. Two lines across the dance floor, 1
    Coke and 1 Pepsi. When one name is called that side runs to the other side and sits on the knee of their
    partner. Last ones there are out. You can mix this game up by using other names and other things to do, i.
    e. call out Seven-Up and Both Lines run to the middle and high 5 their partner, say Star Trek and
    everyone raises their right hand up and yells "BEAM ME UP SCOTTY", or you can call out the name of
    the guest of honor and everyone points at them and yells out "YOU ARE THE GREATEST!"

    19. Freeze Dance
    We play a fast song and when the music stops, all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people what
    to do like put your hands in the air will add spice to the contest.

    20. Walla Balla
    Put on the Walla Balla and try to make as many baskets as possible in a given time. Each of three
    baskets are numbered with a higher score. This can be done with as many people as you want.

    21. The ever Popular Egg/ Water Balloon Toss
    This game has been done for years and years. It takes two lines of people evenly numbered. They toss
    the egg and catch it. Each time a step backward is taken. They get farther and farther apart. The last
    team wins. This is a game that must be done outside. You can also use water balloons.

    22. Tug-O-War
    Another Classic. This game is great for young and old as well. All you need is one long piece of rope and
    strong people. This can be spiced up by making the teams do it backwards. This also should be played

    23. Scavenger Hunt
    You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with
    a chair. Everyone must sit. The MC calls something out like a "Mastercard". The players run to find one.
    While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn't have a seat is out.
    This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.

    24. Human Puzzle
    This game takes two people. Each person has one puzzle put on their wrists. The puzzles are inner
    joined. The object is to get separated without taking the puzzles off your wrists! Lots of Fun! One of the
    most requested games.

    25. Lottery Dance
    Spark a young romance with this crowd favorite. All the gals put their name on a piece of paper, as well
    as all of the boys. The names go into a girls hat and a boys hat. The DJ pulls out one gal's name and one
    boy's name and announces to everyone who is gonna dance with who in a slow dance. Cover your ears
    for the shrieks of joy or despair! Repeat until everybody has a partner (obviously you need equal
    numbers of girls and boys to make it work out just right).

    26. Chair Pull - Ring 'O People
    Get the cameras ready for a terrific shot if this event goes right. Everybody grabs a chair and then sits in
    a big circle facing inward. Next, everybody pivots to their right 90 degrees and then lays their head back
    on the person's lap behind them (the person sitting to their left). Now the fun starts. Very quickly the MC
    walks around the circle and pulls chairs out from under the sitters at random. Amazingly, sitters stay up if
    their stomach muscles are in shape. Once all the chairs have been removed, you end up with a ring of
    people suspended only by being interconnected, head to lap. Hurry up and get the pictures before
    someone cracks and they all fall down!

    27. Quick Wit
    This game is a great ice-breaker for all ages and very simple to play. Two contestants stand in front with
    the DJ who interviews them a little bit like on a TV game show. Next the DJ explains to everyone that he
    is going to pick a subject like "cars" and then put the microphone up to each players mouth and they have
    about 1 second to respond with another word related to cars: like "tires" or "gas". If they hesitate, they're
    out. If they repeat a word, they're out. If they say something really not associated with cars they are given
    a chance to explain to everybody how their word is related to the subject. If they are convincing they stay
    in, if not, they're outta here! You can imagine the laughs this game generates. The loser can then pick
    someone from the audience to replace them. This game can go on-and-on or can be set up to determine
    a winner.

    28. Chicken in the Henhouse
    I just learned this game from a party I did for junior-high aged students, and it was a hit! Everybody pairs
    off with a partner. One partner is the "strong"  partner and the other is the "weak" partner. All of the strong
    partners form an outer circle and all of the weaker partners get in a smaller circle inside of the outer
    circle. Next, the music plays and the outer circle partners walk in a direction opposite of the inner circle
    partners. When the music stops, the DJ calls out a command such as "lovers leap" and the 2 partners
    race together and the weak partner jumps into the arms of the stronger partner where the weaker partner
    has their head and legs held up off the ground. The last pair to get up off the ground is eliminated. The
    music plays again and the 2 circles reform and move in opposite directions until another command is
    shouted out, such as "Chicken in the Henhouse". This time the stronger partner gets down on all fours on
    the dance floor and the weaker partner gets down on all fours on the back of the stronger partner. Again,
    the last pair to assume the position is eliminated. Repeat with variations in the commands until there is a
    winner. This game definitely creates controlled havoc and lots of laughs!